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Let your walls bloom.

Love Flowers
Hate the Mess

I love flowers - the texture, the colours, the tiny details.

At the same time, I’m a little lazy. I don’t remember to change the water on my beautiful bouquets. I forget to trim their stems and I hate how short their sweet lives are (even though I know I could make them last longer if it weren't for the previously mentioned laziness combined with a bit of forgetfulness - welcome to my life as a 51-year-old woman).

I think this love/hate relationship is exactly why I choose to photograph flowers. It creates an everlasting bouquet, a perennial source of colour that I can look at on my wall anytime or on my computer whenever I feel like it - without any further mess.

My photographs feature simple, usually moody, backgrounds. This allows the viewer to feel the texture and melt into the colour. The neutral backdrop provides a moment of calm that combines with the hope and happiness found in a riot of floral colour or the subtle melancholy and memories in a quieter palette.

I’m also mildly obsessed with pottery so you’ll see form and texture added to some of the images with the help of locally made or thrifted pieces that make me happy. Again, the contrast of the muted earth tones with pops of brightness from the flowers bring happiness and are a testament to the diversity of life and creativity in our world.

I realize it's taken me a while to get to a proper introduction but, my name is Angela. I'm a 51-year-old self-employed Creative Project Manager, a mostly-ok wife and an always-evolving mom of 2 emerging adults. These photos are all taken by me, in whatever moments I can find, mostly from my dining room table in Southeastern Ontario. Timing is everything because I much prefer to use natural light that plays nicely with the organic form of the flowers. And I guarantee I have Photoshopped out way too much dog and cat hair from every photo.

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me and my art. I decided to sell prints to prove to myself that my work is valuable and to prove to my kids that it’s never too late to work hard, try something new and put yourself out there. If I can sell some prints to support them in their post-secondary dreams, that’s a lovely bonus.


Feel free to reach out if you have a favourite flower you’d like to see photographed – I’m always open to inspiration.


Fine art prints on museum quality, enhanced matte paper, produced at the time of order, just for you.


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