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Digital Media Coordinator & Consultant

Photography, videography and copywriting coordination to ensure your online presence is clear, effective and profitable.

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Ideas. Clarity. Coordination.

We know that a digital presence is critical for small businesses today. A website and email list plus social media and a number of other tools are available to help you get your message to your clients. But, are you using them effectively, and with clarity? Do you have photography and videos that support your message? Are you posting consistently on social media and staying up to date on trends? Do you have a clear path outlined for potential clients to follow to easily make a purchase with your business?

It's a lot to manage.

I get it.


My job is to support you with ideas and resources and then help with implementation and ongoing management so you can focus on what you do best – providing the products and services that your clients are looking for. I'll help you work through your marketing needs, so you can solve your clients' problems.

I've worked with photographers, videographers, artists, marketing consultants, government organizations and health care professionals – to name a few. As their support person, I listen, offer input and help to implement ideas and strategies. That support has proven to be an important part of their growth and success.

Need some support and clarity? Want to run through some ideas?
Contact me to schedule a free, 20-minute consultation. We'll take it from there together.



You want to focus on your business and watch it grow, so what will it take to get there?
Project Coordination, digital media audits, and effective product photography – these are the services I provide to help guide you to the growth you're looking for.

Image by Michael Dolejš


Gaining Clarity

Has it been a while since you've seen growth through your digital channels? Do you need some ideas to freshen things up and help attract new users? This assessment will provide you with a detailed report and suggestions for revisions that may help to gain greater customer reach.

Image by Elena Kloppenburg


Coordinating Creative Visions

Is there anything worse than having a big vision for your business, plans for projects, and no time to make all the steps happen, or forgetting some critical details? I'll listen to your plans, offer insight when I can, and support you in achieving your vision by tracking the steps and making them happen.



Get the Picture

Every business needs images to tell its story. I can provide social media images, product photos and even team headshots if needed. Let's brainstorm some images that will clearly convey the story of your products and services.



Don't take my word for it. Here's what my clients think.

Angela has been integral to the success of my business. Her assistance with project coordination and client management is a huge asset to grow my company. It gives me the time to work on day to day tasks that would otherwise be left behind.

Angela is gifted with exceptional organizational skills and the willingness to "do what it takes" to meet tight timelines.
She is a wonderful asset to the deadline-driven world of marketing and communications.

Chris Oliver, Filmmaker, CCO Productions

Heather Starke,
Marketing Communications

I've worked with Angela for almost 20 years now and have come to rely on her more and more each year. What started out as administrative help has grown to include production supervision, project management, and all manner of problem solving.

Angela is creative, diligent, organized and reliable. She is able to take an idea and help refine it for the ideal presentation.  Her work on my projects has been invaluable.

James Lahey, Artist

Maureen Pollard, MSW


Chocolate muffins in silicone baking liners with mixing bowl behind
Raspberry cheesecake on teal cake stand with jar of jam in background and fork in foreground
Jar of milk with children's book, a cookie and a candle on a dark background
Honey dipper dripping honey on toast with fruit in background
Artisanal bread and handmade butter on a walnut tray
Fresh, organic eggs on a teal cake plate on a black background
Yellow pitcher and tea towels with brown and white eggs
Whisk dripping eggs into bowl with whole brown eggs in bowl beside
Hot chocolate in pottery mug with pottery milk jug holding echinacea blooms on walnut tray in bed
Iced tea in mason jar with cut lemons and pitcher holding lilacs
Woman's hands holding slices of lemon loaf while wearing black and white striped apron
Strawberry ice cream in a china tea cup with teapot in background
Raspberry popsicles on parchment paper with frozen strawberries
Pottery mug with tea and a butter tart in morning light
Top down view of Robin Hood Quick Bread in box with mix in bowl and measuring cup with yogurt
Footed bowl holding a pile of Oreos, sitting on a book
Pile of sandwiches wrapped in parchment paper
Top down view of salad on a fork with takeout container of salad in background
Soy candle sitting on vintage books
China creamer filled with teaspoons beside stack of books with sugar bowl on top
Soy candle on stack of vintage books on teal cake stand
Yellow pitcher holding carnations with apple beside
Pottery bowl holding soap dish, soap, scrub brush and a planter with a face on it, sitting on a tea
Top down view of vibrant fuschia peonies
Fuschia peonies in an aluminum watering can surrounded by greenery
Purple sandcherry branch with blossoms
Pink dahlia blooms
Mirrored purple tulips on white and black
White egg on brown background beside brown egg on white background


Cobourg, Ontario


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