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It's not easy.

Talking about myself, when it comes to my business, is not my favourite thing to do. I'd much rather talk about you and your business. I want to understand your goals and visions. I really love to talk about what you're struggling with, to see if my problem-solving skills can help. 

No matter which mode I'm in – business-owner, wife, daughter, friend or mom – I spend a lot of time solving problems. I consider myself to be an expert in this area. Sometimes the solutions are clear and just need a little help with implementation. Other times, coming up with a solution requires creativity and logic, which is where I excel. I'm a bit of a "unicorn" here. I have a healthy (most of the time) amount of "type-A" tendencies combined with a creative mind and, maybe most importantly, a respect for the creativity of those I work with. 

A former boss, now a client, taught me a valuable lesson (that may have been irritating at the time but served me well). He made a consistent request: "Bring me solutions." And I did. I found the solutions, and now I want to help you find them too. So bring me the problem you're facing, I'll do my best to help you solve it. Whether it takes a digital assessment to help you find gaps in your online presence, coordination of your projects to ensure you meet goals, or product photography to highlight what you sell, I'm here to help. 

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